Wire Drawing Machine Parts

The purpose of the end-user is obvious: Obtaining the highest quality wire at the lowest possible cost. For top quality, the best possible surface finishing is needed. To minimize costs, the best body and best coating alloys should the chosen.

It is imperative to understand all technical requirements and operating conditions in which t


One of the highest variable costs for most capital intensive companies is the “wear” of components and assemblies. Premature wear causes losses in function that directly affect the quality of the output. Therefore, finding a solution to wear caused by movement under load is very important. DEKA is dedicated to offer the best technical surfac


As explained, DEKA takes a part of its power thanks to the machining in the factory. It has been manufacturing complex CNC machined part for the industries in need of the highest technology. With its huge machining experience, DEKA became a solution-finder for large companies looking for an innovative and creative supplier.

DEKA’s ma

Machine Park
In order to control every step in the production process, DEKA Surface Technologies has always made new investments for its machine park with the purpose of minimizing the need for outsourcing.
In February 2016, DEKA moved to its new factory, and doubled the production area. At the moment, the machines in the machine park of DEKA are :
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