One of the highest variable costs for most capital intensive companies is the “wear” of components and assemblies. Premature wear causes losses in function that directly affect the quality of the output. Therefore, finding a solution to wear caused by movement under load is very important. DEKA is dedicated to offer the best technical surface solutions in the industry for most components and parts. And the ultimate result lies in choosing the best combination of coating technology and the composition of the coating material.

Every application has to be analyzed for proper function, operating conditions and technical requirements. It is important to analyze these conditions before coming up with the ideal substance of the body itself and the best alloy of the coating to be applied. This is what DEKA exactly does for many years.

Each body shape and structure has to be produced according to the correct specifications; since it is very important to be able to control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, DEKA therefore produces all parts in-house, starting from the raw materials up to the final finishing (see II-Machining). All parts are manufactured by DEKA and shipped directly to the customer.

DEKA always analyses the end user and offers the ultimate material for a wide range of coatings for metals that are ferrous and non ferrous.

The types of coating that DEKA is using for many different industries and customers :

- Aluminum oxide
- Chrome oxide
- Zirconium oxide
- Chrome carbide
- Tungsten carbide
- Molybdenum
- Aluminum bronze
- Satellite
- Zinc
- Copper

Industries Served

Automotive and heavy duty applications

Aluminum casting mould coatings, synchromesh and gear parts, molybdenum coatings. Piston coatings by zirconium oxide.

Cement and Concrete Industries

Flux parts, Möller pump seal bearings, hydraulic cylinders; speed reducer bearings felt shafts, compressor shafts, extruder, mixer rotors, and fans.

Iron and Steel Industry

Rolling roller bearings, seal flanges, labyrinth ring, compression and correction rollers, crane pads

Petrochemicals/Oil and Gas Industry

Piston rods, mechanical seals, seal bushings, pump shafts, mono pump rotors, extruder decanters, drive shafts, auger fillers

Pulp and Paper Industry

Ceramic rollers, cylindrical roller bearings shafts, seal bushings, felt bearings, mechanical seals, drying rollers , yankee rollers, tungsten carbide and copper cylinders

Food Industry

Mechanical seals, seal bushings, pistons, hives, collector hubs, high pressure pump pistons, mold coatings


Pistons, valve sits, valves, bearing locations, crankshaft main bearing coatings, crank stoppers, shafts filler repair

Plastic & Rubber

Mixing boilers, mixer blades, screw extruder, driving rods.


Slaj blades

Mining industry

Pistons, rotor rods, seal bearings and bushings, fan blades, donk pump pistons